Minor Port Congestions in all Ports. Please prepare for slight delays with your cargo movement. Carriers have implemented a GRI,& PSS surcharge and some have implemented Port Surcharges.
Prepare for longer delays the closer the holidays approach!

Holiday Greetings from HYC...

What is the definition of a “holiday season “? Per Dictionary.com the holiday season is defined as the period of time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s that encompasses SEVERAL CELEBRATIONS… Whatever your beliefs or preferences are at this time of year is wished for you to experience happiness and joy from all of us at HYC Logistics.

As this “holiday season” continues, HYC would like to reflect on the many opportunities allotted to us by having YOU as our customer and strategically aligned business partner. Let’s celebrate and bring in the New Year with good friends and cheer!

HYC is wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.

Pam Cail and Staff